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Its Effects and Remedies! The existence of this dosh not only results in intricacies in janam kundali matching for marriage but also hampers the overall kundli horoscope. But with the support of our expert kundli maker and astrologers, and following few simple remedies it is possible to combat the fatalness of this dosh. So, before you jot down the remedies to have a marriage kundli free from this dosh, first read everything about it to know that whether you actually have this dosh or not. Kalsarp Dosh — The Meaning A janam kundli is believed to have kalsarp dosh when the seven planets settle between the two lethal planets, Rahu and Ketu. A complete Kalsarp dosh exists when half of the kundli horoscope is conquered by the planets. If there is even one single planet that settles outside the axis of Rahu and Ketu, then a kundli is considered free from this dosh. The average time frame of Kalsarp dosh in a janam kundli is around 47 years, which may vary depending on the kundli prediction.

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Lucky Gemstone Horoscope Compatibility through Indian Astrology- Astrologer Sunil Vedic Astrology has an excellent and proven method of horoscope matching based on nakshatras Lunar Constellations , which is called Ashtakoot milan or simply guna milap. For centuries together, the Hindu scriptures have laid down the principle that a girl, after having been married, should consider her husband as equivalent to God and pull on with him anyhow irrespective of his temperament, character, habits etc.

In Hinduism and in the Catholic religion at least, marriage is taken to be an indissoluble and sacred institution. Every Hindu believes in the attainment of the four Purshartha Desirable objects.

Jun 07,  · Significance of Skanda Sashti 5 matches are considered important. Either one of dinam or ganam should match Either one of mahendra, rasi, nadi should match All the three Yoni, rajju, vedha should match Rajju is the most important match to the extent that even if all the others match except for rajju, then the match making should.

Read on our conversation below to find what it is. I want to marry my girlfriend but things are not fine from astrological perspective. Our horoscopes do not match. What in your horoscopes does not match? So the astrologer has strongly advised not to go for the marriage. Else we will face troubles in our married life. The maximum possible score in this methodology is Anything above 18 is considered reasonable.


A politician always intends to know the outcome of an election while a businessman desires to know that his investment will give profit or not? People are so curious to know about future events and the queries get over once you get accuracy in prediction. As it is better safe than sorry! Shri umang Taneja is one of the well known astrologers of India who known for his talent of presenting accuracy in prediction via Nadi Astrology.

A great result of curiosity of our ancient sages whose analysis over Vedic astrology is known all over the world today!

This detail study of horoscope of couple is called as kundali matching and it indicates the flow of breath or energy in a person. In case this energy level in husband is same as wife the marriage between two partners are ruled out/5.

By Kailash Khandelwal Indian astrology has a remarkable system of match-making wherein the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom are studied by astrologers for compatibility aimed at ensuring they lead a harmonious wedded life once they are united in holy wedlock. The position of Moon in the zodiacal chart calculated astronomically is crucial as it indicates the metaphysical, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual disposition of a person.

Quite often, we come across elders in the family wishing newly-weds they lead a happy harmonious wedded life like Ram and Sita. This is somewhat curious as what happened to Ram and Sita after their marriage and the ordeals they underwent, is common knowledge. Prince Ram, accompanied by Sita, had to leave the kingdom on the eve of his coronation as King and retire to the forests to endure inconceivably severe hardships.

Sita was abducted by the ten-headed demon-king Ravana of Srilanka which led to a fierce battle between Ram and Ravana. Soon after redeeming Sita, Ram subjects her to an ordeal by fire relying on some malicious gossip, engages in a war with his own sons and irretrievably loses Sita with no prospect whatsoever of reuniting.

Most of the astrologers in my study-circle in India have had neither the time nor the inclination to research on this paradox, Many even think it is blasphemous to entertain doubts about the authenticity of such time-honored theories. I would see them unquestioningly rely on the total points system despite being fully aware of the glaring and irreconcilable contradiction as substantiated by the marital life of Ram and Sita.

The allocation of points is based on a graded system and not uniform. For example, maximum point of 4 is awarded to physical harmony and for mutual-happiness 7. A successful match is made to predominantly depend on this single factor. Therefore, if the Nadi factor of prospective bride and groom is found to be discordant, the chance of getting astrological sanction receives a serious setback.

Apart from having some other metaphysical aspects, Nadi is the determining factor for the biological and physiological compatibility of the couple for raising healthy progeny to perpetuate the family lineage.

Kundli Matching

For the purpose of marriage as soon as a girl or boy is shortlisted. The compatibility score via Gun Milan is calculated. Factually, the question that arises here is: Should you be worried on a low compatibility score as per Gun Milan?

Nov 12,  · Nadi matching is considered very important for matchmaking. Amongst 36 points of Kundali matching, it is consisted of 8 points. Naadi match is for physical compatibility between the boy and the girl for their happy married life and also for progeny matters.

There was a seemingly innocuous error in the code because of which the value of Midheaven was coming out to be wrong. Thus, the entire logic behind Bhava Chart was failing. Now, I have fixed the problem and would be publishing another version of my applet on the website soon. I just need to test it well. After I publish the application on the web site, which would be in next few hours, I would request all users to check the data and notify me immediately if there are any errors.

The values seem to be matching well. This applet would now display the bhava values in the planetary Positions table. Please see the attached image.


Articles in this Issue Related Articles Views: It is simple to understand and apply without assistance from any expert. In South India, a more comprehensive and complicated Dashakoot system is followed. Eight factors are considered in Ashtakoot namely 1.

May 24,  · If both Male and Female have same birth Nakshatra but the Moon Signs are different, Nadi Dosh is said to be nullified in spite of both of them having same Nadi.

Earlier parents use to find or choose partner for their children and with mutual consensus. Both the families along with couple gets married but today things have changed significantly. Now the children itself decide their partner and suggest their parents that they want to marry him or her, in words love marriages or love turned arranged is in vogue today. Yet traditional marriage system is still prevailing based on Kundali Matching but their number are reduced considerably.

For this what ever may be the reason behind such as modernization, freedom, liberty, westernization etc. We are not into that but one thing which still bothers the parents along with the couples that what will be there in the future or consequences of the marriage or relation they have to encounter? Or will be a disaster?

For this, parents or couple usually visit or consult an astrologer to find answers of their questions related to future.

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Total 36 This is a frequently asked question by the students of astrology as to why Varna has been allotted only 1 point or guna while Nadi has 8 points or gunas? There is no clear cut and satisfactory answer to it as there is no mention and explanation regarding this in any astrological classics or text. But it is certain that there is mention and explanation of total 36 gunas and allotment of gunas to each of the eight components of Ashtakoota in scriptures.

It is suggested that if there is minimum matching of 18 gunas in the horoscopes of a boy and a girl, it is go ahead for marriage. Higher the number of guna matching, higher will be the compatibility and mutual understanding. But it is ideal to have at least 21 gunas out of 36 if there is no similarity in their Ganas, Bhakoots and Nadis.

Nov 10,  · If you both have Venus in powerful position, Nadi Dosha cannot affect your affection. Love and attachment will be there. If boy and girl have Jupiter’s aspect on 7th house, relationship will never break. If the lord of 5th house, 7th house, Jupiter and Venus are in good position in both horoscopes, Nadi Dosha should not be considered.

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What is Kalsarp Dosh in Kundali? Its Effects and Remedies!

January 23, India is that country where a matrimonial affair is considered to be the biggest celebration and an epoch-making moment of your life. All the highs of lows of your life or the goods and bad things that you might have done all throughout your life, seem to snowball to this one auspicious day, where both person unites under the vow of marriage.

Since time immemorial, there have many rituals and customs that have been observed to ensure that the couple spends a blissful married life. Since the very beginning, people have attached immense importance to matching both the kundalis when it comes to marriages. This includes both resident and non-resident Indians. The people believe in following different traditions, which have been imbibed in all since birth.

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nadi & nadi dosh Nadi is one of the important Kootas in matching making for the purpose of marriage in Vedic Astrology. It indicates health compatibility & out of .

Nadi is the most important Gun Koota for matchmaking. If Nadi Dosha exists marriage should not happen. Why Nadi Dosha is so critical? What will happen if you have Nadi Dosha? What can you do if Nadi Dosha exist in your horoscope? If you have Vaat element more than it should be, you should not eat the foods related to Vaat. If you will still not avoid as a result you could have problem related to Vaat which is High Uric Acid, Gout etc.

Nadi Dosh in Match Making – नाड़ी दोष in Hindi Dr. Uma Shree

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